BlackBerry is not in the (money-losing) service of making phones any longer. Rather, it contracts several ODMs worldwide to spread out the name and its safe and secure, solidified variation of Android.

Nevertheless, CEO John Chen still wants mobile. He’s been hurting for phones with keyboards for a long period of time. And while TCL made the KEYone, he’s had one phone in specific in mind that he wishes to restore from the dead.

” You keep in mind the 9900, the Vibrant? It fits right in your palm,” Chen informed Kara Swisher for the “ Recode Decode” podcast. “I believe someone needs to make that.”

You can pay attention to the complete episode by clicking through to the source link listed below this story.

The executive sees need for “a phone that is really easy and simply concentrated on safe and secure e-mail, safe and secure texts and a fundamental internet browser” for experts in extremely delicate fields like legal, medical and federal government markets. In a spurt of spontaneity, Chen stated that he needs to most likely get in contact with an ODM.

” I’m making this up as I go: let’s state $199 or $150 a phone. You might make it an extremely good phone if you had really minimal performance, however it’s extremely safe and secure.”

Envision the Vibrant 9900 redux: an extremely economical yet modern-day work phone for those who require more security than the typical individual. Maybe BlackBerry needs to in fact speak with somebody about that.

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