Windows 7 Theme for Go Launcher EX [Android Theme]

Windows 7 Android ThemeSome people are so in love with or so used to Windows 7, they want that look and feel everywhere. The Windows Phones have more of a Windows 8 look with the Metro tiles so simply getting a Windows OS phone isn’t really an easy fix. Plus there are not so many apps for the them. Adding the Windows 7 theme for GO Launcher Ex will give you the look you want.

Taking a look at this home screen launcher theme for the first time you  will see a similar look to the Windows 7 OS. The folders and definitely the Dock at the bottom of the screen. The Dock has the same look as the Start Orb in the bottom left corner of your computer screen.Windows 7 Android Theme Screen

The default Android icons will be changed to what they would be in Windows e.g. the browser turns into the IE icon. You will also be able to choose from one of several Windows-based wallpapers for your background.

The main changes are the font, icons and the new dock.


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