Using voice search [Android Basics]

Whether you use Bluetooth or just hate typing everything, the voice search application on your Android device is top notch.

For times when you may not know how to spell something or when you shouldn’t be typing, the voice controlled searching and composing on the Android devices is amazing.

Searching for things with your voice can be done in in any text field where you see the microphone icon.


Using Voice to search

Step 1. Press the magnifying glass button to pull up the quick search window. There should be either a touch sensitive button or actual hardware button on your device.

Step 2. Press the microphone button. This will open a window with a large microphone and say Speak Now.

Step 3. Say what you would like to search for. When you are done speaking, Google will analyze what you said and perform a web search.

Here is the result of speaking Android applications.

Using Voice to compose a SMS or an email

The same basic method as above can be used for composing a SMS (text) message or an email. Start the SMS or email in the same manner you would if you were going to type it. Instead, press the microphone icon and dictate the message.

The end result will be a faster way of sending a message. If the person has an easy to pronounce name, you can use your voice to enter in thee recipient for the SMS or email.

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