Apple makes it clear to app designers in its terms the following, focus ours:

Press Notices need to not be needed for the app to operate, and must not be utilized for marketing, promos, or direct marketing functions or to send out delicate individual or secret information.

Providers, however, want to encounter any possible nook or cranny to customize the experience on gadgets they bring and to self-promote anywhere possible.

Thanks To David Opdyke, we’re now seeing Verizon performing that maxim to the optimum and in infraction of Apple’s guidelines with a push alert from the My Verizon app informing consumers to update to the Galaxy S9 through the app.

The paradox is just increased with that this screenshot originates from an iPhone X.

From exactly what it seems like, Apple has actually not been implementing the guidelines it set out and this looks like the superlative outcome of this lax mindset. While it isn’t really clear if this alert was beacon- or location-triggered — direct marketing would be permitted to a degree because case — other apps like AliExpress have actually done so relatively without effect.

Nick Kohrn, an iOS designer, has actually revealed his contempt about Apple quibbling on little devs over insignificant breaches while a provider partner gets away with exactly what might be argued as the supreme middle finger to the face. window.initThunks = window.initThunks? window.initThunks: []; (function() )
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