For the very first time in the low-end mobile phone household’s history, the Moto E will supposedly get 3 primary variations this year, consisting of a no doubt dirt-cheap E5 Play anticipated out with pre-paid intend on Verizon and Cricket Wireless. Today we’re turning our attention to the Moto E5 Plus, which might or might not be formally revealed together with the G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play next week.

Most Likely not, although its launch ought to be ideal around the corner in either case, because the E4 and E4 Plus saw daytime nearly a year back. Currently rendered a number of times in crisp quality, the economical handset apparently loads a quad-core Snapdragon 430 processor and 3GB RAM. That’s a distinctly modest SoC/memory mix, however in 2015’s E4 Plus was barely much faster or much better for heavy multitasking, with the very same 3 gig RAM rely on deck, and an even humbler MediaTek MT6737 chipset.

Like the E4 Plus, we ought to most likely anticipate the Moto E5 Plus to shine in the battery capability department, circling around the 5000 mAh magic number when again, although that’s clearly not something we can verify with a pre-release Geekbench performance-measuring go to. The only other thing the initial standard exposes is that the E5 Plus currently runs Android 8.0 Oreo on the software application side.

Previous speculation was uncertain on the phone’s screen size and element ratio, with either HD or HD+ resolution in tow, together with a single 16 MP rear-facing electronic camera, 8MP selfie shooter, and as much as 64 GB internal storage area.

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