Typing on an Android Virtual Keyboard [Android Basics]

Typing on a virtual keyboard takes a little getting used to. If you started out on a phone with a full keyboard with actual buttons, the first thing you will notice is your speed decrease.

The Android virtual keyboard is unique in the way that, if you don’t like it, you can download a new one. There are are over 6204 different keyboard applications in the Google Play Store. Each can replace the default Android keyboard or add to it.The standard Android keyboard varies a little from phone to phone and can also be different with the version of the Android operating system you are running. These are basic tips to help you make typing on Android virtual keyboard.

Use auto complete

Many Android phones have some sort of auto complete. The way auto complete works is when you start typing, it will start guessing the word you are trying to spell. Some models have learn what you type. Others give you the option to save words that are not in the database of words.

Use the inside of your thumbs

A lot of time, I see people trying to type with the full width of their thumb or finger. Using your full fingertip will likely cause more mis-types than normal.

Recommended keyboard

One of the most popular keyboards in the Google Play Store is Swift Key.  It allows for very fast typing because you do not necessarily need to type. What I mean is, the auto complete learns how you talk and suggests words before you even type. Sometimes you can complete an entire sentence with suggested words.

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