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Tricks, tips, and tweaks: 10 things every Pixel 2 absolutely must know


The Google Pixel 2, and its bigger brother or sister, the Pixel XL 2, is among the very best phones you can buy today. Readily available through Verizon and Google, it’s the most recent and biggest in Android and includes some quite damn remarkable hardware. It is among our preferred gadgets ever, even if it’s not precisely the sexiest gadget on the marketplace.

Among the important things we like about Android is that it provides a lot modification. The platform continues to improve all the time and the 8.0 Oreo release is as beautiful as it is useful. Invest whenever with the Pixel 2 or Pixel XL 2 and you’ll no doubt recognize there’s a world of capacity within your reaches.

Whether this is your very first Android phone, very first Google handset, or simply the most current in a long history of upgrades, you’ll wish to set it approximately your taste. We have actually gathered a handful of useful techniques, tweaks, and suggestions to guarantee you get the most from the phone. Here are 10 Pixel 2 settings you need to understand.

Active Edge

tricks tips and tweaks 10 things every pixel 2 absolutely must know - Tricks, tips, and tweaks: 10 things every Pixel 2 absolutely must know

Among the functions that Google fasted to highlight for its 2017 flagship phone, Active Edge, provides users the capability to squeeze the sides of their phone to activate Google Assistant. While we were at first unwilling to purchase into the buzz, it’s one alternative we discover ourselves utilizing routinely. That does not indicate this is something that everybody likes. Here’s ways to customize or disable Active Edge.

Browse to SETTINGS > > SYSTEM > > GESTURES > > ACTIVE EDGE. From here you can set up the level of sensitivity of the capture gesture. You can likewise decide in and out of enabling it to activate when the screen is off or if you would like for squeezing to silence alarms, timers, and inbound calls. And, if you simply do not wish to utilize it at all, just toggle the very first alternative “Squeeze for your Assistant”.

Swipe Finger Print for Notices

1519422013 736 tricks tips and tweaks 10 things every pixel 2 absolutely must know - Tricks, tips, and tweaks: 10 things every Pixel 2 absolutely must know

Possibly the one function we have actually concerned like more than many, we like the capability to swipe the finger print reader to inspect alerts. Yes, you can just move your finger down the reader and your alert shade will move down on the screen. It’s a dead easy method to take a fast peek at your unread messages, status updates, missed out on calls, and more.

For whatever factor this is not switched on by default. Not to fret, however, you can set this up at SETTINGS > > SYSTEM > > GESTURES > > SWIPE FINGER PRINT FOR ALERTS. That’s it! While it may not seem like much, this is an extremely underrated method to mange your Pixel 2.

Raise to Inspect

Among the functions we liked finest about the very first Pixel is the capability to raise to inspect our phone for time and alerts. While it exists in the Pixel 2, it’s not made it possible for by default.

To turn this setting on, browse to SETTINGS > > SCREEN > > ADVANCED > > AMBIENT SCREEN. From there you’ll wish to allow the “Always On” which activates the ‘Raise to inspect phone’. Now you can just raise your phone approximately wake it, revealing your messages, missed out on calls, and more. You can likewise choose at this screen whether you desire the alternative to double-tap the screen to inspect the phone.

Change Colors

Although the phone does not featured rather the color modification as exactly what Samsung or LG may provide for their particular phones, there is one notable Pixel 2 setting. If you desire your images, video, and graphics to jump off the screen simply a little in a different way, you can select from various modes.

Visit SETTINGS > > SCREEN > > ADVANCED > > COLORS and select from Natural, Boosted, and Saturated. Select one and experiment with it for a long time to choose if you like it. Or, alter it when you’re playing a computer game.

Living Universe and Come Alive Wallpapers

Living Universe Wallpapers

Something we typically consider approved is the capability to alter easy things like the wallpaper. It’s quickly among the quickest methods to make a phone seem like it’s “ours” and distinct. The Pixel 2 provides owners an entire host of alternatives in the location of pre-programmed wallpapers, each which can assist make the handset feel unique.

2 of the important things that truly stand apart for the Pixel 2’s background are the Living Universe and Come Alive areas. The previous are sensational images that have an ever-so-slight motion to them. Look carefully and you’ll see in one that the waves are crashing on the beach; in another automobiles are driving on the highway and the clouds are wandering by.

When It Comes To the Come Alive, these resemble the “Live” wallpaper that’s been around for several years, however with a twist. Some relocation and respond to tapping and swiping while others alter based upon time of day or battery portion.

To alter your wallpaper you can long-press the house screen and tap the proper icon. You’ll discover that, in addition to these 2 kinds of wallpapers, the Pixel 2 has a wide range of stock images, too.

Specific Battery Portion

Battery Percentage

As much as we like keeping our alert bar tidy, in some cases it is difficult to inform just how much battery you have actually left. Rather of counting on the battery sign and thinking, have your phone inform you precisely what portion you need to utilize. This one’s available through SETTINGS > > BATTERY where you’ll activate the slide for revealing portion. There, isn’t really that much better?

Notice Dots

Have you seen those little colored dots on a few of your icons? Whether on the house screen or in your app drawer, these dots exist to indicate an alert. Your Gmail one, for example, may have one for an unread message. The Play Shop may reveal one when you have apps that have to be upgraded.

Notification Dots in Google Play

A great deal of the apps and video games you have on your phone will provide you alerts to differing degrees. And, while a few of us choose the inconspicuous signs, others do not wish to take a look at them. They are, after all, simply the exact same things that remains in the leading bar on your phone.

The Pixel 2, and Android 8.0 Oreo, provides users the capability to by hand pick which apps can reveal those alerts. Rather than turning them off totally, perhaps you simply desire Instagram or Facebook to stop informing you every time somebody leaves a remark.

Browse to SETTINGS > > APPS & & NOTIFICATIONS > ALERTS and you’ll have a screen with a couple of user-defined alternatives. You can turn all the alert dots off at the same time by toggling the setting here. If you tap the “App Notices” at the top, you can pick a particular app and its settings. It remains in each app that you can disable the alert dot.

House Screen Rotation

While we invest the majority of our time looking at our phones in picture orientation, in some cases we we wind up turning the phone sideways in landscape. Perhaps it’s for a video, perhaps it’s to take a look at pictures, or perhaps it’s simply the method you like things. Did you understand you could likewise do that to the house screen of the Pixel 2?

Home Screen in Landscape

To allow this setting, simply long press the house screen and tap the HOUSE SETTINGS equipment. The screen that appears provides you manage over the primary screen rotation along with other alternatives. Keep in mind that by enabling the rotation you will lose the prevalent search bar that’s discovered near your app drawer.

At-a-Glance Widget

See that date and weather condition that’s revealing at the top of your house screen? That will reveal you your next calendar visit along with any pertinent traffic details. Ought to something uncommon take place to impact your commute you’ll understand from a glance at the house screen. It comes in handy things to be sure, however you do not need to see it if you do not wish to.

Long-press on the house screen widget and you’ll see a pop-up for choices. You can decide to disable calendar occasions or traffic details.

Google App on House Screen

If you’re the kind of individual who likes to customize the Google experience around your choices, possibilities ready you have actually established news and interest choices. Swiping to the left screen provides you all the most pertinent news and weather condition. Terrific things if you utilize it.

For those who do not desire that screen to appear, or for those who simply do not care about the personalized experience, you can eliminate it. Like the house screen rotation setting, this one’s accessed by long-pressing the house screen. Tap the HOUSE SETTINGS equipment and slide off the “Show Google app” alternative.

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