Tips to save battery power on Android

Android Battery LifeOne major complaint with with many Android phone owners is the battery life. For what ever reason, a lot of power is required to operate the Android OS. The poor battery life continues to be a much talked about topic on various Android forums (XDA-Dev, Modaco and others).

The problem was very widespread until the release of Android 2.2 (Froyo). I personally noticed a great improvement in my battery with no change in the way I used my HTC Desire. Battery life is very dependent on how you use your Android phone. a good majority of the applications access the internet. Anytime you are connecting to the network, you are draining more battery than when you are using an app that doesn’t connect to the network.

Android Applications

A major reason the battery power is depleted so quickly is because of the number of services and enhancements are enabled.

What many people do not realize is until the Android phone needs the memory, applications can stay running for a very long time after you exit out of the application.

Applications that access the web, network, wi-fi, bluetooth or a host of other features will drain the battery more than an application that does not use these connections. Shop around and compare different applications that may offer similar functionality.

Android Widgets

Using an Android widget such as one that scrolls Facebook status updates will drain your Android phone battery quicker than not using it. The reason is, the widget is connecting to the application and possibly your online account frequently. The more it connects, the more your battery drains.

Android Data Sync

By turning off the data sync for applications you do not use, you can save a lot of battery. Many news or social applications are always in sync to the network. When your Android phone connects, you are using a lot of battery.

Task Killers

There is a big debate on the web about Task Killers. I am not techy enough to go into the details of why they are good or bad.If you are not quite sure what a Task Killer is, maybe this will help.

A Task Killer is an application that force quits other applications. I do find them helpful on Android phones with slower processors that bog down easily. I usually have a Task Killer installed in case I need it.

Other Application Data

Many commonly used applications will sync often. By setting your Facebook or Twitter applications to sync less often will definitely save your battery.


Setting your applications to auto update is convenient, but not great for the battery. Some times you will have several applications downloading updates at the same time. Depending on the network speed and signal strength, these downloads can be a big battery suck.


What are your tips for better battery life?


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