Master your to-do list

There are so many ways to stay organized. There are many ways to manage tasks. There are entire books and systems fabricated around managing your to-do lists.

I am constantly using my Android phone and accessing my Google account. For this reason I started using Google Tasks.

Having a lot going on is a common occurrence these days. Managing what you have to do is where you separate the men from the boys.

In the past I used several task management applications.It take a little while for me to try them, get the hang of them and see the pros and cons.  Here are a few applications I have used recently:



Remember the Milk Pro

Google Tasks Organizer

I am torn between Remember the Milk (RTM) and Google Task Organizer. I am using Google Task Organizer for two reasons … it syncs with Google Tasks and there are reminders.

I used RTM for a year on my Blackberry and loved it. At that time I was using Google Tasks because it did not sync with my Blackberry. After switching to the Android platform, Google Tasks was more important to me.

I consolidated my digital life a while back. Fairly recently, Google Tasks Organizer has taken over the role RTM played.

How-to use your to-do list

There are several ways you can use your to-do list. There is no right or wrong way to use it. Here is how I have my Google tasks set up.


I use a list for each project. In the list, I will have each task with the due date added if there is one.

I also have a list for tasks I need to accomplish today. This list is both personal and work related. The daily task list consists of things like, get an oil change or buy shoes. Also in the list will be any tasks need to be completed for work.

Why not put some of these tasks on the calendar?

I use my calendar for time sensitive items. Sure a task may have a due date, but it isn’t an appointment. If I must complete something between 8 and 9am on Tuesday, I would add the task to my calendar. Otherwise, I schedule the taskt to be done by the end of the day Tuesday.


I have to say is you can manage your tasks and stay on track, you will free up a lot of time. My recommendation is to just get done what you need to get done, then reevaluate your day. I know this is easier said than done, but it is the best tip anyone has ever given me.

What are your task management tips?




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