HD Widgets Review [Widget Wednesday]

The widget we are going to talk about in this¬†week’s¬†Android widget review, is HD Widgets. Many of the widgets available in the market are your geared towards specific application, or they have a specific function like clock or weather. What sets these different widgets apart is part is there features. You wouldn’t think that there’s a lot of features available in weather widget but there actually are several. Luckily, HD Widgets is more than just a weather widget. Continue reading

Widget Wednesday

Last week you may have noticed that we started a new section on Thursdays talking about themes for entry devices. Widget Wednesday will be the same type of article, just talking about different widgets. I think the widget on Android device is one of the most underutilized functions. Many people don’t even know how to add a widget to their screen they just think it’s a cool looking clock or a music player shortcut.

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Adding and removing a widget [Android Basics]

The widgets on your Android phone can be very handy to use. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a widget is, they offer some features of an application. They are more than a shortcut, but not quite the full application.

Many of the Android widgets come in varying sizes and layouts so you choose how much space they will take up. Some 3rd-party Android applications will have a widget, others will not.

Adding a widget to your screen is only a few step process. Below is a quick walk through on adding a widget. Continue reading