Using the Android Calendar [Android Basics]

The Android phone calendar is super powerful and easy to use. If you are accustomed to other smart phone calendars, the Android calendar will be a sight for sore eyes. The look of the Android calendar will vary depending on the device.

For example, the Samsung Tab has a different calendar than my HTC Desire. If you root your device and change ROMs, you will likely have a different calendar application on each ROM you install.

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Password Tools for Android [Android Apps]

image credit schill via Flickr

It is a common thing these days to have more passwords¬† than you can possibly remember. Many sites require you to use a password of at least 6 characters using numbers, capital and lowercase letters and in some instances symbols. That’s a lot of randomness to keep track of.

When working from your mobile device complex passwords are even harder to deal with. However, there are many tools and apps out there to help. Continue reading

Tips and Tricks Using Android phone

tips tricksIf your Android phone users, there are some things you should know. Android is a system that is the antithesis of the iPhone from Apple.

Because, this is a system that prioritizes open system, can be adjusted by the user wishes, and also free from rejection when downloading an application. Here are tips and tricks for you to use Android-based phone.

* Optimize Main Display

It could use a widget from Android and most of the storage media using a widget, this is a program that will run the operating system right premises on the main page on your mobile phone.

There are many variations and also how to operate the phone using only the fingers from the display in a pop-up menu.

Widgets will appear with a variety of sizes and functions and perform a search in the Android Market to find what works with your phone.

Another thing, if you do not like the sound each time receiving email. Immediately to the Gmail settings menu and create a system under conditions Silent ringtone. Also, you can still see the incoming new message in notification bar at the top of the screen and you can pull the panel down to a detailed information.

You can configure message notification system as well as applications in the same way.

Immediately make the settings for each person who calls you want to call. Simply hold your finger and select Shortcuts. Then touch the writings Direct and select a contact from the list.

One other interesting thing is to enter your favorite sites on the main page of the old phone by pressing any site in browser and then select the text “Add a shortcut” to the option.

Use folder to make the main page in an orderly condition. Press the long term and select the Folder to create folder writing.  you can drag and drop contacts, applications, and also shortcuts to avoid front yard.