T-Mobile pulls Desire FroYo HTC Android 2.2 update

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Multiple qualifier UK I discovered a few in German application on their phone after installing period modify 2.2 and it seems that T-Mobile is presently being implemented and drew the merchandise pending the reaching of non-German approximation of the bureau in the UK. Continue reading

Desire Vodafone HTC Android 2.2 update expected within 7-10 days

Vodafone gave TechRadar more planned curfew 88880002 HTC Desire Android 2.2 grade, as good as uttering about the last 360 Android 2.1 modify.
Most democratic element of the missive directed to TechRadar that Android 2.2 grade should be with us within 7-10 day and 360 of which were added in the last modify will be removed.
We have listened to client activity on the figure of point throughout the last 360 Android 2.1 modify and made some alteration to the away program, a voice for Vodafone told TechRadar.

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Google Shopper App Updated

Today Google announced the update to the Google Shopper app for Android phones. If you are not using Google Shopper already, it offers a barcode scanning application which shows local availability. You can also search via voice.
The upgrade offers a major helper for mobile searching, Filters. The filters allow you to, well, filter products by a specific brand or at a specific store.
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WordPress for Android updated to version 1.3.4

WordPress for Android was updated to version 1.3.4 which not only runs better, but also has a new comment notifying feature.

According to the WordPress for Android blog, here are a list of the updates and bug fixes in WordPress for Android 1.3.4:

  • A login prompt now asks you to input your password again if you happened to have changed it from the last time you used the app.
  • Previewing a blog post should now work better and be more stable.
  • Multi-language support is improved, long strings of text won’t make the interface break.
  • The image uploader no longer occasionally crashes when dealing with very large images (>8Mb).
  • When editing a blog post, extra paragraph HTML tags will no longer be randomly added, which was happening sporadically.
  • The option to turn off the Mobile Theme will no longer randomly disappear.
  • The app will no longer unexpectedly crash if the data connection type changed during a process. (Switching from, say WiFi to a 3G network should now not make the app crash.)

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