Alarm Clock Replacement Apps for Android

With the show of hands, who hates waking up to an alarm? I’m right with you.  Most of the preinstalled alarm clock applications for Android are not that great.  They may have a timer and alarm and that’s about it.  By adding a and alarm clock replacement app to your Android phone, you will get some additional features.  Some of those features may make it a little more pleasurable to go to sleep or wake up using this application.

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Typing on an Android Virtual Keyboard [Android Basics]

Typing on a virtual keyboard takes a little getting used to. If you started out on a phone with a full keyboard with actual buttons, the first thing you will notice is your speed decrease.

The Android virtual keyboard is unique in the way that, if you don’t like it, you can download a new one. There are are over 6204 different keyboard applications in the Google Play Store. Each can replace the default Android keyboard or add to it. Continue reading

A Look At The Software On The HTC Sensation Android Smartphone

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