How to Add a Theme to ADW Launcher


Android home screen launcher seem to cause people a little anxiety.  Most Android home screen launchers are different than what most people are accustomed to and they have a lot more features.  One of the coolest  features is adding themes. Some of the more popular Android home screen launchers have numerous themes to change the look and/or operation of the launcher. Here we will go over how to add a seem to ADW launcherContinue reading

Android Theme Review Thursday

ADW-Launcher-IconPart of customizing an Android device is adding the apps to add functions not there before. Adding a home screen launcher will let you change the layout of your home screens, but sometimes the colors and icons are a little blah. To fix the blah-ness problem, many of the popular home screen launchers have add-on themes. We will be talking about those Android themes here and Thursdays will hence forth be called Theme Review Thursday. Continue reading

Android tip – Quickly navigate long lists

In long lists, like your contacts or  your music collection, flick the screen to scroll down.  Tap the gray scroll bar that appears to the right to quickly scroll to a certain letter in the list.

If you find it too difficult to grab the scroll bar, tap and hold it until the scroll bar unfolds, instead of catching it with a downward or upward motion.

You can also simply touch it and drag the bar to the left.

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image bradleygee