STATISTICS: Motorola and HTC Android smartphone power to lead the U.S., beating RIM and iPhone

estate by the American stat-gatherer NPD Group says the Android OS was 33% of all smartphones sold in the U.S. Q2 2010, appreciation to the rearing vendue of such HTC and Motorola.
Android Consortium fig show a Stations of overtaking RIM BlackBerry sale, RIMs stock marketplace dropped by 9% compared to the late play. NPD says Android accounted for 33% of sale in Q2 smartphone, RIM had 28%, while a Stations of Apples iPhone was sitting on 22%. Continue reading

Tips to save battery power on Android

Android Battery LifeOne major complaint with with many Android phone owners is the battery life. For what ever reason, a lot of power is required to operate the Android OS. The poor battery life continues to be a much talked about topic on various Android forums (XDA-Dev, Modaco and others).

The problem was very widespread until the release of Android 2.2 (Froyo). I personally noticed a great improvement in my battery with no change in the way I used my HTC Desire. Battery life is very dependent on how you use your Android phone. a good majority of the applications access the internet. Anytime you are connecting to the network, you are draining more battery than when you are using an app that doesn’t connect to the network.

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