Share Apps With Friends [Android Apps]

Are you one of those people who finds a cool new app and feels the need to share it with all of your friends? I know I am. I went through several different ways of trying to share.

I have tried Bump, email and messaging links to Appbrain, QR codes and a few other methods. Some people aren’t yet savvy enough to figure out what I am sending them though.

Here is an easy application to help you share applications with others.

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Navigating the Market [Android Basics]

Navigating the Android Market is an important part of owning an Android phone. Finding and installing applications are some of the first things you need to master if you want to use your Android device to its full potential.

To find and install applications from the Android Market, you must be logged into a Gmail account on your Android phone. (Do you need help to set up a new Gmail account?) Follow the steps below to navigate to and install an application from the Android Market. Continue reading

Google Shopper App Updated

Today Google announced the update to the Google Shopper app for Android phones. If you are not using Google Shopper already, it offers a barcode scanning application which shows local availability. You can also search via voice.
The upgrade offers a major helper for mobile searching, Filters. The filters allow you to, well, filter products by a specific brand or at a specific store.
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Easily uninstall applications [Android Apps]

image credit Pascal Vuylsteker via Flickr

With sooo many apps available for Android devices, it is easy to overload your phone with more apps than you could possibly use. To solve this issue (among others), you will need to uninstall the applications.

I know what you are thinking, uninstalling all of them will be a huge pain to uninstall them through the Manage applications tab in the settings. Thankfully there are several applications out there to batch uninstall applications. Below is one of the more popular app uninstallers I picked out to show you.

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Finding Apps [Android Apps]

The Market is not the only place you can find applications for your Android device. There are sites who have downloads to a specific genre of apps. Others like Appbrain are aggregation sites. They pull apps from all over the web, not just the Android Market.

The neat part about Android app sites, is you usually have several ways to download the app. For simplicity, I will use Appbrain as an example.

As an Android app

You can get the Appbrain app in the Android market. From the application, you can search for and download any application known to the site.You are also given several ways to filter your search results.

QR code

Most of the applications you will find on Appbrain will have a QR code you can scan. If you are unfamiliar with what a QR code is, here is an example.

All you need to scan these QR codes, is a free bar code scanner. If you go the the Android market and search for bar code scanner, you will have several options to choose from.

Leave a comment with your favorite site to get applications from.