Llama Location Based Profile Switcher

Have you ever been at work and had your phone ring with an inappropriate ringtone in the middle of a meeting? Sucks to be you. To help spare you the embarrassment again, you should look at Llama.

There is a little setup when you are at each location so Llama knows where the profile should be switched. Other than training the app at the location, everything else can be done later. Continue reading

5 Fun Location-Based Applications [Android Apps]

Most devices these days can utilize the GPS for more than navigation. Because of this,  Location Based Service Applications are popping up all over the place on all platforms including the Android mobile OS.

One of the most popular is FourSquare. The main idea of many location based Android applications is to check-in at a location. With FourSquare, you get badges after you check-in so many times or at so many different locations.

Other location based Android applications offer a more specific use. Below are 5 location based Android applications for you to try. Continue reading