(Don’t) Text and Drive

Okay, I want to start by saying that texting while driving is not safe. I personally know people who have been in accidents while texting and driving. The title got you here though so I’ll show you a cool app with a car mode. The car mode lets you use voice commands to open various apps and input text into those apps. Yes one of them is the stock Android SMS app.   Continue reading

Free Up Space on Your Home Screen and Access Apps Faster with Wave Launcher

In the world of Android replacement home screen apps, it takes some innovation to stand out. Even though you may use a home screen replacement like ADW or GO Launcher EX, there are still times when you need quick access to a few commonly used applications.

I have been trying applications for the notification bar and application docks similar to Wave Launcher. Here is why Wave Launcher stands out in my mind. Continue reading

Android tip – Pinch the screen

On Android phones with HTC Sense, you can pinch the screen to bring up an overview of all the different home screens, in order to quickly switch between them. You may also press the Home key when you have the main (middle) screen selected to display the overview. If you press the Home button while on any of the other screens, you will jump back to the main screen.

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image bradleygee