Sunrise Live Wallpaper [Android Live Wallpaper]

Sunrise Live Wallpaper for AndroidOne of the most awe inspiring things in nature is a beautiful sunrise. The way the rays of sunlight reflect off of the water droplets and other objects. If you have never seen a sunrise, I highly recommend it. Anyway, today’s review is on a live wallpaper. The Sunrise Live Wallpaper for Android is the free version. There is also a paid option. Continue reading

How to Add a Theme to ADW Launcher


Android home screen launcher seem to cause people a little anxiety.  Most Android home screen launchers are different than what most people are accustomed to and they have a lot more features.  One of the coolest  features is adding themes. Some of the more popular Android home screen launchers have numerous themes to change the look and/or operation of the launcher. Here we will go over how to add a seem to ADW launcherContinue reading

Android Theme Review Thursday

ADW-Launcher-IconPart of customizing an Android device is adding the apps to add functions not there before. Adding a home screen launcher will let you change the layout of your home screens, but sometimes the colors and icons are a little blah. To fix the blah-ness problem, many of the popular home screen launchers have add-on themes. We will be talking about those Android themes here and Thursdays will hence forth be called Theme Review Thursday. Continue reading

Free Up Space on Your Home Screen and Access Apps Faster with Wave Launcher

In the world of Android replacement home screen apps, it takes some innovation to stand out. Even though you may use a home screen replacement like ADW or GO Launcher EX, there are still times when you need quick access to a few commonly used applications.

I have been trying applications for the notification bar and application docks similar to Wave Launcher. Here is why Wave Launcher stands out in my mind. Continue reading

Adding and removing a widget [Android Basics]

The widgets on your Android phone can be very handy to use. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a widget is, they offer some features of an application. They are more than a shortcut, but not quite the full application.

Many of the Android widgets come in varying sizes and layouts so you choose how much space they will take up. Some 3rd-party Android applications will have a widget, others will not.

Adding a widget to your screen is only a few step process. Below is a quick walk through on adding a widget. Continue reading

Android tip – Quickly unlock the screen

When the screen is off, you can double press the Menu button to bypass the Lock screen.

Pressing the Menu button from the Lock screen will also wake the phone, if you don’t want to do the sweeping motion. This requires that the “Unlock pattern” option is disabled.

* This tip is for devices with an actual button.

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image bradleygee

3 Android Home Screen Launchers

I was in the midst of researching a couple of  these different home screen launchers, but alas, Lifehacker beat me to it. They have a very through comparison of 3 great home screen app launchers.

If you are looking for something better than what comes on your Android device, take a look at the Battle of the home screen launchers. It will let you see how 3 of the many possible choices work. Most of them can do more than give you a different look or additional screens.