Lookator – Augmented Reality Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder for Android

Augmented Reality Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder for AndroidWhen you use a lot of data from your phone, knowing how to find a Wi-Fi hotspot can potentially save you lots of money and overages.

Finding a free and open Wi-fi hotspots isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Lookator is a Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder to help make the task of  finding a Wi-Fi hotspot a little bit easier. If you have used any augmented reality apps, you will feel at home with Lookator.

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Master your to-do list

There are so many ways to stay organized. There are many ways to manage tasks. There are entire books and systems fabricated around managing your to-do lists.

I am constantly using my Android phone and accessing my Google account. For this reason I started using Google Tasks.

Having a lot going on is a common occurrence these days. Managing what you have to do is where you separate the men from the boys.

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6 Must-have Android apps for freelancers

When you are a freelancer, you  are a Jack-of-all-trades. Because of this, you are always working. You might be at your kid’s soccer game and think of something to tweet. Or if you are at a networking event and meet 10 new people, you will need to get their contact info into your contact list.

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Share Apps With Friends [Android Apps]

Are you one of those people who finds a cool new app and feels the need to share it with all of your friends? I know I am. I went through several different ways of trying to share.

I have tried Bump, email and messaging links to Appbrain, QR codes and a few other methods. Some people aren’t yet savvy enough to figure out what I am sending them though.

Here is an easy application to help you share applications with others.

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Google Translate for Android

Google released an amazing application for Androids. Google translate gives you the ability to communicate with people who have a hard time understanding your language. Much like the web-based version, you can type in what you want to send to someone in English and Google Translate will automatically convert it to one of over 50 languages. Continue reading

Navigating the Market [Android Basics]

Navigating the Android Market is an important part of owning an Android phone. Finding and installing applications are some of the first things you need to master if you want to use your Android device to its full potential.

To find and install applications from the Android Market, you must be logged into a Gmail account on your Android phone. (Do you need help to set up a new Gmail account?) Follow the steps below to navigate to and install an application from the Android Market. Continue reading