Why Android Users Should Sync To The Cloud

android-sync-introCloud storage  is getting cheaper by the day. Services are popping up all the time offering you a place to keep your information and files. The question is, why should you store your information in the cloud when you have a perfectly good micro SD card or internal memory in your Android device? Continue reading

Swapping web pages between Android phones and Google Chrome

Have you ever been looking at something on your laptop then realized you needed to be at an appointment? What do you do, bookmark the page?

I have a couple applications aimed to help those times when you want to transfer viewing a web page from computer-to-Android or Android-to-computer. Both options need Google Chrome extensions along with an application installed on your Android phone.

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Tips to save battery power on Android

Android Battery LifeOne major complaint with with many Android phone owners is the battery life. For what ever reason, a lot of power is required to operate the Android OS. The poor battery life continues to be a much talked about topic on various Android forums (XDA-Dev, Modaco and others).

The problem was very widespread until the release of Android 2.2 (Froyo). I personally noticed a great improvement in my battery with no change in the way I used my HTC Desire. Battery life is very dependent on how you use your Android phone. a good majority of the applications access the internet. Anytime you are connecting to the network, you are draining more battery than when you are using an app that doesn’t connect to the network.

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Adobe AIR Apps and Games for Android on the Way

Adobe Air applications offer a lot of benefits to the desktop user. Applications such as Tweetdeck run on the Adobe Air platform. Typically these desktop applications are very smooth running and feature rich.

How would you feel about having Adobe Air applications for Android devices? Well, you will be getting your wish. The question though is when. I saw an article a few months ago on AndroidGuys talking about Air apps. To me, having these Adobe Air applications would be great for the Android devices. The problem I can foresee is trying to use an app with a slower processor.

If the Air apps are a resource hog, people and developers will have a bad taste in their mouth from the start. Currently the only application in the Adobe Air gallery slated to run on the Android platform is one for BlogRadio.

What are the applications you use on your desktop machine you would like to see as an Adobe Air app?

3 free Android Diabetes apps [Android Apps]

Gestational diabetes kitDiabetes is a disease with specific actions and recordings that must done very regularly. Because of this, having a Diabetes app that helps you track and notify you is a huge time and space saver.

Just because your Android phone is fun doesn’t mean it can’t be useful too. There are a lot of people with similar health issues. App developers are starting to open their eyes and see a vast market for health related applications.

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Adding and removing a widget [Android Basics]

The widgets on your Android phone can be very handy to use. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a widget is, they offer some features of an application. They are more than a shortcut, but not quite the full application.

Many of the Android widgets come in varying sizes and layouts so you choose how much space they will take up. Some 3rd-party Android applications will have a widget, others will not.

Adding a widget to your screen is only a few step process. Below is a quick walk through on adding a widget. Continue reading

5 Fun Location-Based Applications [Android Apps]

Most devices these days can utilize the GPS for more than navigation. Because of this,  Location Based Service Applications are popping up all over the place on all platforms including the Android mobile OS.

One of the most popular is FourSquare. The main idea of many location based Android applications is to check-in at a location. With FourSquare, you get badges after you check-in so many times or at so many different locations.

Other location based Android applications offer a more specific use. Below are 5 location based Android applications for you to try. Continue reading

Easily uninstall applications [Android Apps]

image credit Pascal Vuylsteker via Flickr

With sooo many apps available for Android devices, it is easy to overload your phone with more apps than you could possibly use. To solve this issue (among others), you will need to uninstall the applications.

I know what you are thinking, uninstalling all of them will be a huge pain to uninstall them through the Manage applications tab in the settings. Thankfully there are several applications out there to batch uninstall applications. Below is one of the more popular app uninstallers I picked out to show you.

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