Free Up Space on Your Home Screen and Access Apps Faster with Wave Launcher

In the world of Android replacement home screen apps, it takes some innovation to stand out. Even though you may use a home screen replacement like ADW or GO Launcher EX, there are still times when you need quick access to a few commonly used applications.

I have been trying applications for the notification bar and application docks similar to Wave Launcher. Here is why Wave Launcher stands out in my mind. Continue reading

Google docs now an app

For the Google addicted out there you are probably giddy with excitement over addition of the Google Docs app to the Android Market. I know I was.

Compared to using the mobile site, the Google Doc Android app is amazing. Using Google Docs, or any document editing program for that matter, isn’t always the easiest from your Android phone. It IS however a great leap in the right direction towards integrating your Google account with your Android phone.

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Share Apps With Friends [Android Apps]

Are you one of those people who finds a cool new app and feels the need to share it with all of your friends? I know I am. I went through several different ways of trying to share.

I have tried Bump, email and messaging links to Appbrain, QR codes and a few other methods. Some people aren’t yet savvy enough to figure out what I am sending them though.

Here is an easy application to help you share applications with others.

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Remove an Android application [Android Basics]

Many Android phones do not have much space for applications. This means from time-to-time, you will need to delete old applications to make room for new applications. There is an easy way to delete Android applications and a method that takes more steps to delete the application.

Below will show you the steps how to uninstall an Android application the long way. This method is good for deleting one application at a time. To delete multiples, look for the links at the bottom of the page.

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Google Shopper App Updated

Today Google announced the update to the Google Shopper app for Android phones. If you are not using Google Shopper already, it offers a barcode scanning application which shows local availability. You can also search via voice.
The upgrade offers a major helper for mobile searching, Filters. The filters allow you to, well, filter products by a specific brand or at a specific store.
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