Adobe AIR Apps and Games for Android on the Way

Adobe Air applications offer a lot of benefits to the desktop user. Applications such as Tweetdeck run on the Adobe Air platform. Typically these desktop applications are very smooth running and feature rich.

How would you feel about having Adobe Air applications for Android devices? Well, you will be getting your wish. The question though is when. I saw an article a few months ago on AndroidGuys talking about Air apps. To me, having these Adobe Air applications would be great for the Android devices. The problem I can foresee is trying to use an app with a slower processor.

If the Air apps are a resource hog, people and developers will have a bad taste in their mouth from the start. Currently the only application in the Adobe Air gallery slated to run on the Android platform is one for BlogRadio.

What are the applications you use on your desktop machine you would like to see as an Adobe Air app?