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T-Mobile now has Galaxy S9 BOGO deal

Customer development at T-Mobile has actually been constant and remarkable, however it has actually slowed down a bit considering that its peak. And part of that actually reveals: it’s constructing out fresh spectrum licenses for its network and is not racing to press flashy promos. That does not imply that the Un-carrier will not run flashy promos.

The “purchase one, get one” formula is definitely a popular one nowadays which’s where T-Mobile is headed with the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S8 Active. Clients can purchase any mix set and get a $720 credit (the rate of an S9) used over 24 months as long as they include a minimum of one line or begin a brand-new account with 2 lines. Users can get up to 6 sets per account.

One huge catch is that the credits will not conserve customers from paying $120 down for an S9+ and $130 on the area for an S8 Active. Those minimum deposit quantities are for well-qualified consumers and there’s taxes on the amount of the hardware lumped on top, too. DIVE! lessees can make the most of this promo while DIVE! As needed users will have to move off the program, locking them to these gadgets for 2 years.

No word on the length of time this offer will last.

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