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Sunrise Live Wallpaper for AndroidOne of the most awe inspiring things in nature is a beautiful sunrise. The way the rays of sunlight reflect off of the water droplets and other objects. If you have never seen a sunrise, I highly recommend it. Anyway, today’s review is on a live wallpaper. The Sunrise Live Wallpaper for Android is the free version. There is also a paid option.

Sunrise Live Wallpaper for Android is a picturesque scene of a tree and the sky. Birds are are flying through the scenery and a rainbow appears from time to time.  The paid version is .99 USD at the time writing this article. In the paid version you gain the option to control the birds and clouds. Their speed and direction can be altered. For example, you can have the birds fly away when you touch them. Also, a bird will occasionally fly up with a greeting for you.

One of the cool setting adjustments you can make in Sunrise Live Wallpaper for Android is to have the rainbow appear when you receive an SMS. Kind of makes the new message seem more like a happy occurrence instead of the boring nonsense people like to send sometimes.

The  Sunrise Live Wallpaper for Android will scroll with you as you slide to your different  home screens. The free version of Sunrise Live Wallpaper worked great on the devices tested, a phone and tablet. However, the paid version of this Live Wallpaper is apparently not compatible with all devices.  Sunrise works great on the phone I use but was not compatible with an unrooted tablet running Android OS 3.2.1.

Overall, Sunrise Live Wallpaper for Android would be a great addition to your Android Live Wallpaper collection. I did not notice any additional battery drain while using it either. This is one of the most soothing wallpapers I’ve used.


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  1. Sunrise wallpapers are really common kind of wallpaper. I think these kinds of pictures and wallpapers easily available on websites. Anyway it looks amazing forever.

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