Stupid Zombies 2 Review [Android App]

Stupid Zombies 2 LogoWith Halloween right just about to happen, it may seem like even more zombie games for Android are being released. Stupid Zombies 2 for Android is a fun zombie game that’s not quite a physics based game and it’s not quite a puzzle game. What I mean is, the zombies are just standing there (in the beginning). To shoot zombies use walls to ricochet of bullets to reach zombies.

The different levels of the game offer diverse struggles by the way the barriers are positioned. The barriers are metal and sometimes have small gaps in them for the bullets to slip through. These holes are both a benefit and a disadvantage because when the bullet ricochets around it might unintentionally sneak through an openings. Only a set number of bullets are given her round. When the bullets are gone the level needs to be reset.

The beginning of the Stupid Zombies 2 starts out very simple but a few levels in Stupid Zombies 2 gets pretty difficult. Part of the complication comes from the way the obstructions are arranged and also the zombies begin to move. Some of the zombies will climb up walls and use their arms to maneuver across the ceiling. This means not only does the angle and the ricochet need to be accounted for, so does the timing of their motions.

Stupid Zombies 2 Screen


A set number of stars is given based on how effortlessly all the zombies are slaughtered. This is a blend of how many rounds of ammo it took to kill the zombies and the time it took. When the required number of stars is gathered, the chapter is complete. Numerous rounds in each chapter give plenty of chances to earn stars in progress quickly to the next chapter.

More points for destroying more than one zombie with a single bullet. Higher scores are also given for killing the zombie with a headshot. When the level just does not seem plausible to overcome, there is an alternative weapon. From the start of the game there is a bomb to use which will kill all of the zombies in one use. The negative point to using the bomb is only one star is given.

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