Shopping with your Android phone [Android Apps]

image credit doratagold via Flickr

Shopping from your device is pretty common these days. You can visit sites or use apps for a wide range of online stores. Some applications take you right to the site to make a purchase while others offer help in your shopping adventure.

I was doing a little digging and found a few good to have shopping helper apps. Let me know what you think in the comments.


This application is great for those of you linking in the Midwest, specifically in Michigan. It shows you where things are located while you are in the store shopping.

Shopping Manager

With so many list applications out there, a shopping app needs to set itself apart from the pack. The feature in this app that caught my eye was the purchase history, statistics, and prices with the total amount. All of these will help you better budget your trips to the store.

Shop Around

While you are out running errands, you may need gas or a half-caf venti mocha latte to give you the energy and alertness you need to hit all the sales. Shop Around will help you locate gas stations, coffee shops, ATMs and many more similar stops you need to make. There are even churches listed so you can stop and pray for the store to have the shoes you want.
Do you have an application that helps you when the shopping bug bites you?