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Samsung expects Galaxy S9 to outsell S8 while ‘thinking about’ possible 2019 naming change

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Today’s world-leading mobile phone supplier most likely didn’t anticipate the Galaxy S flagship household to redefine market requirements back in2010 Here we are now, waiting impatiently for the ninth generation to strike shops on the heels of a naturally grand MWC 2018 statement a couple of days earlier.

By no methods innovative from a visual perspective, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ goal to best a currently cherished high-end style while considerably enhancing the video camera experience, including more RAM (on the Plus variation), enhancing biometric security, and incrementally updating processing power.

Therefore, it ought to most likely come as not a surprise that Samsung Mobile skipper Koh Dong-jin, aka DJ Koh, thinks going beyond the S8 duo’s sales numbers is a completely obtainable objective. Obviously, we have no idea precisely the number of systems of its early 2017 flagships Samsung eventually handled to deliver, with price quotes from method back in August putting them at a strong 20 million+.

In addition to the abovementioned enhancements, Koh’s self-confidence is likewise strengthened by upcoming “comprehensive marketing projects”, beginning with a trade-in promo offering “large cash-back” discount rates for consumers selling previous designs to update to the S9.

Looking ahead, Samsung is absolutely not dismissing a significant identifying modification when the “Galaxy S10” time comes. The Galaxy brand name is certainly here to remain, however inning accordance with Koh, “we have actually been considering whether we have to preserve the S name or the numbering system.” Yeah, as difficult as it is to think, a Galaxy X name is extremely much on the table right now. For the business’s primary 2019 hero gadget, mind you, and not its long-awaited novice collapsible effort, which, by the method, will just see daytime when it’s “worth spending for.”

That could be a revitalizing modification of rate from the typical “world’s very first” method, even if it suggests potentially waiting another year or two for the not-Galaxy X.

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