Radar Now! for Android Review

Radar Now! for Android Review

Anyone who steps outdoors during the day is affected by the weather. Sure a nice sunny day is the type of day we all hope for when we wake up, but as I look out the window today, I can assure you they are not all pleasant.  When a storm is a brewin’, its good to have access to a weather radar to see if you should prepare. Radar Now! for Android is just the app for you to see what’s comin’ at ya.

Radar Now! for Android is not a weather app or weather widget giving you all kinds of weather information first and a radar second. Starting up Radar Now! for Android will show the weather radar for your current location. If you want other information like the temperature or the humidity it’s available, just in a different window.

Radar Now! - map

Unlike other applications the weather radar map in Radar Now! for Android will automatically animate. People working outdoors, especially in the Midwest, need to know what the weather is doing.  For example, construction workers or landscapers can’t always do their job in the rain. So while working outdoors if it looks like rain, they can simply fire up Radar Now! and see what they need to see quickly and easily.

Most mobile weather sites make you type in your zip code then show you the weather first.  And then to top it all off you need to choose a radar type then add in the animation. When you have a limited data plan or are in a poor reception area, the more steps it takes to see the information you need, the more of an inconvenience it can be.

The main reason you would want to use Radar Now! for Android is the sheer convenience of it. Compared to most Android weather apps, save multiple clicks to view the animated weather radar for your area.

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