As 2017’s most enhanced international mobile phone producer, Xiaomi is naturally considering revealing a lot of brand-new items in the next couple of months, consisting of a strange “Berlin” mid-ranger with an unreleased Snapdragon SoC within, and a gaming-focused “Blackshark.”

However the Mi MIX TWO and Mi 7 are still the Chinese OEM’s most attractive next-gen gadgets, despite the fact that everybody anticipated the latter to see daytime by now. It’s clear the Mi MIX TWO will be revealed initially, on March 27 in Shanghai, as the Xiaomi Mi 7 might have been postponed to follow the notch pattern set by Apple’s iPhone X.

Proof in assistance of that unquestionably questionable style option was discovered in fresh Mi 7 firmware files acquired by the folks over at XDA-Developers, together with a fascinating modification of the battery size formerly exposed by comparable code.

It appears like a decent 3,400 mAh cell will supervise of keeping the OLED lights on after all, while a Xiaomi “dipper” standard even more validates using a Snapdragon 845 processor and generous 6GB RAM.

This Dipper codename can just describe the Xiaomi Mi 7, as the Mi MIX TWO passes “Polaris.” Android 8.0 Oreo currently runs the software application program on the Mi 7 model, which is most likely to execute a bigger and more visible iPhone X-inspired notch than the screen cutout perhaps obtained by the Mi MIX TWO from the Important Phone, and rearranged.

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