Messaging for Android Phones [Android Basics]

Messaging is a mainstay of digital life. If most people don’t like voice mail and would rather have you send an email or a SMS with the information. Because of this, you will need to know how to message on your Android phone.

The overall messaging process is much the same as sending an email on your Android phone. Here is a basic run through. The icon and name of the application can vary from device to device and version of the Android OS you are running.

Open the messaging application my pressing the messaging icon.

Once the application opens, you will see any messages you have received. You will also see a New message option. Click there.

A new message window will open up looking something like this. You will need to tap the To text box to add a recipient.

Start typing the name of the person you would like to message. If you see the microphone icon, you can use the Android voice to text input to speak the name.

Once you select the recipient, you will need to tap the Compose text box. If you choose to, you can use the voice to text option to input your message. You will need to speak clearly and fluidly. If you pause too long, it will assume you are done speaking and analyze what you dictated before the pause.


If you would like to speak a longer message, you can add punctuation by saying the word Period to add a ” . ” and comma to add a ” , ”

Once you have everything typed or spoken the way you’d like it to be written, you can click the send button.


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