Lookator – Augmented Reality Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder for Android

Augmented Reality Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder for AndroidWhen you use a lot of data from your phone, knowing how to find a Wi-Fi hotspot can potentially save you lots of money and overages.

Finding a free and open Wi-fi hotspots isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Lookator is a Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder to help make the task of  finding a Wi-Fi hotspot a little bit easier. If you have used any augmented reality apps, you will feel at home with Lookator.

Here is a quick review showing why will be Lookator your favorite Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder. After you download Lookator and start it, you will see there isn’t a lot to it. What you will notice first is it is using what ever your camera sees as the background for the app.

The reason the camera fires up is to display where the Wi-Fi hotspot signal is coming from for you on the screen. If you are in a smaller town or in an apartment building, you may not need this.

However, if you are out on the town and there are a lot of buildings with available hotspots, being able to see what building the signal is coming from save you a lot of time.

Since you are looking for a free or open hotspot, in the settings, there is an option to not display any protected Wi-Fi hotspots. Then this would just show open hotspots such as coffee shops or the rare person who doesn’t have a protective hotspot. Shutting off the secured Wi-Fi networks will help.

On the screen of your Android, you will see all of the potential Wi-Fi hotspots. The cool thing is, you will be able to see the strength of the hotspot signal. This is a good thing for helping you find a hotspot too because you be able to see how close you are because the signal is stronger. By knowing the signal strength, you’ll also be able to search for a signal strength that meet your needs.

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Leave a comment and let us know what you think about Lookator. Or if you have another Wi-Fi hotspot application you prefer, let us know what works better.

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