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LG Wallet app listing suggests LG G7 name will stick after all

LG appears all set to debut its mobile payment system in the United States as it has actually released its LG Wallet. The logo design for the app provides a nod to the LG Pay system that’s been developed in Korea.

LG Wallet plannings to work like the majority of mobile payment apps– it installment plans and debit card qualifications to run tokenized tap-to-pay deals at NFC point-of-sale terminals. At this moment, the Wallet appears to just support Visa and MasterCard concerns and has an unique “LG Advantage” commitment card of some sort, maybe to reward regular usage of the app.

This passage, however, provides plenty more away:

You can install this application just if you have G7. More handsets will be readily available in the future.

While branding can alter at any 2nd up till commercialization, we a minimum of understand that LG is thinking about putting the G7 name to its next spring flagship– with current reports putting bets on “GX” or “G10,” the business did formally leave itself to a name modification in a declaration. Present speculation is that it will go for MWC.

Unusually enough, existing LG phones such as the V30, G6 and V20 have the ability to download the app currently. Much like the service, a site associated with LG Pay has yet to go live as of press time. Perhaps this launch will connect the G7’s …

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