As thrilled as we have to do with the occasions set to unfold in Las Vegas today, and as amazing as a couple of principles currently revealed ahead of CES 2018’s official start may search paper, we’re unfortunate to report there will be no Samsung or LG flagship phones launched prior to February.

That’s virtually sculpted in stone today, however details on the LG G7 continues to puzzle us. It ends up that the follow up for the unfortunate G6 might be called G7 after all, inning accordance with fresh word on the street.

Particularly, a “ranking authorities” of among Korea’s leading 3 telecom providers, who spoke with ET News on condition of privacy, likewise declaring the phone’s production will simply begin in March, which is why the network’s contract with the gadget producer is presently “to introduce the G7 in April.”

Strategies might still alter by next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, however it now feels safe to presume the business will avoid the trade reasonable it formerly utilized as a launch pad for both the G6 and G5.

We do not wish to hypothesize based upon unofficial chatter, however if the objective is to reveal the LG G7 in mid-March ahead of a business rollout on or around April 20, Samsung’s reported early dibs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor may be interpreted as an affordable reason for hold-up. It ‘d be quite silly to duplicate the G6 Snapdragon 821 mistake by hurrying the G7’s release and equipping it with a soon-to-be-outdated SD835 SoC.

Besides, if LG can provide the G7 to international clients beginning mid and even late April, we’re not exactly sure that even certifies as a tardy launch compared with G6’s spotty preliminary schedule. Obviously, that’s a huge “if.”

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