There was some debate concerning the main name of LG’s 2018 flagship. GX or G10 were discussed as possible monickers for the G6 follow-up, however both the LG Wallet app, along with an unnamed business authorities that went on record, are describing the LG G7 by name.

Now the main maker site brings another verification, though you cannot take this one for approved either, as producers typically utilize gadget name placeholders. Still, another sign contributing to the previous ones is becoming something worth adhering to, in the meantime.

Inning accordance with the websites handling Quick Charge compatibility, particularly Quick Charge 4.0, a “future LG G7” is being noted. This is the 2nd time that we’re seeing the LG G7 name appear in locations stemming from the maker itself (initially being the previously mentioned LG Wallet app).

There’s likewise the concern of the chip inside the upcoming gadget, which, as an initially, may be released behind the completing Galaxy S9. Whether LG will adhere to the Snapdragon 835, or choose the brand-new 845, is yet unidentified (understanding that the 845 supports QuickCharge 4+, and the 835 provides assistance for QuickCharge 4).

We have actually connected to LG, and a business representative had this to state: “ the names of all future phones from LG are speculative up until the main statement. It prevails for us to utilize informal placeholders in products up until the name is settled.

LG G7 name

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