KF Flames Free [Android Live Wallpaper]

Fire is mystical. Having fire as your Android background can be kind of soothing. KF Flames is a cool take on adding fire to Android wallpaper.  

The fire is very realistic looking and moves in the background making the application icons look like they’re being burned at the stake.  The fire comes from the bottom of the screen and works in both landscape and portrait mode.  Portrait mode is when the screen is thinner left to right.

The settings of KF Flames lets you make adjustments to the flames.  Some of the adjustments are:

  • Flame density
  • Flame noise
  • Flame color
  • The background image
When choosing a background image, you can choose either a picture of your own or there’s preset background images such as wood or concrete.  What sets this Android live wallpaper apart from the rest is all the configurations.  Why are little bit limited the free version,you still have a lot of control.  The paid version is only about a dollar and opens up all of the configuration options.
The video below shows a lot of the configuration options.  The version shown in the video is the paid version space so you can kind of see what you’re getting yourself into before you pay the dollar. The same developer has created some other really cool wallpapers as well.  Some of them are a thunderstorm and a Koi pond.  All of them are very realistic looking

App Name
Kittehface Software