Instagram for Android is a Space Hog

OK people, the much anticipated Android version of Instagram is available! Now you don’t need to envy iphone users anymore. All the filters, all the sharing you could want.

Instagram is usable on Android devices running 2.2 or higher. Keep in mind Instagram is a pretty big application 16+mb and right now is not movable to the SD card or media space of your phone. So all of you with low space warnings on your older devices may be a little pissed off.

Here is a quick screen grab to wet your palate.

Instagram for Android
Instagram for Android

There are some really cool features and sharing options once you create an account. When you download and try out Instagram, stop back here and leave a comment to let us know how you like it. If you want to, you can leave your username so we can look you up and keep tabs on your photography too.

Download Instagram for Android


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