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How to upload high quality photos and videos on Facebook

Getting the exact same quality images and videos for your upload on Facebook to be the like the source had actually constantly been a basic accomplishment when utilizing a desktop web internet browser. You just submit them as is and exactly what you get is the exact same quality output which you would have anticipated.

Nevertheless, it is just all enjoyable and excellent when you are undoubtedly utilizing a desktop or laptop computer web browser when doing the procedure of submitting HD images and videos on Facebook. The case is obviously not as real when you are doing the exact same thing utilizing a mobile phone, even with the very best mobile or Wi-Fi connection in the location.

However prior to you put the blame to the incorrect suspect, it is not your mobile phone or gadget– either working on iOS or Android– or the quality of web connection you have with your gadget, it’s something more ingrained in the social networks app you are utilizing.


The bright side, nevertheless, is that it can be quickly prevented. You would just have to comprehend the issue and understanding exactly what you can do about it.

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Exactly what is the genuine factor behind the issue precisely? Obviously, Facebook is quite thoughtful of its mobile users who count on their information, either pre-paid or postpaid, that the application’s algorithm is set at making your wise gadget take in less bandwidth as possible.

As an outcome, the quality of the images you submit gets scaled down which for that reason leads to a gritty output than the initial high-definition (HD) quality.

Ways to submit HD videos and images to Facebook

The option for iOS users

If you are an iOS user, make certain you are utilizing the main app of Facebook– not the “lite” variation or any third-party app. In case you do not have it yet, you can just install it from the Apple Shop.


Then, introduce the app, have a look at the bottom-right corner of the user interface, and tap on the “More” hamburger button. From here, scroll down a bit and pick “Settings.”


Continuing the procedure, pick “Account settings” as followed by “Videos” and “Photos.” Put the last nail in the casket by toggling “Upload HD” to “ON.”


Doing that, your iOS gadget will now be required to focus on making an upload of either images or videos in high-definition format.

The option for Android users

Running Facebook on iOS ought to be starkly various with Android. This is most evident when you are actually running the app all at once. The reasoning in how the issue is to be bypassed is rather the exact same.

To begin with, make certain that your Android gadget is running a main Facebook app originating from the Google Play Shop.


From there, run the app. Opt to access the alternatives screen by clicking the hamburger button at the top-right corner. Scroll down a bit till you encounter the option to click “Assist and Settings.” Do so.


Lastly, opt to click “App Settings” and toggle “ON” the alternatives to submit images and videos in HD.

That’s it! As constantly, let us understand if you have any concerns or issues concerning the procedure and we’ll happily assist you out.

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