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How to hide the screen notch of Android smartphones

The release of Apple’s iPhone X has actually sent out shockwaves to the market where it is viewed as both a leader and a competitors. While the specifications of this smart device are something to reckon, there is another function about the gadget which had its rivals following– the notch or that strange imprint that appears at the middle-top of the gadget.

However while associating this relatively “brand-new” function to the iPhone X is a typical concept, it is really a misunderstanding produced by the buzz with the then-developing gadget. This is maybe more specific to those who were not knowledgeable about 2017’s Necessary Phone release.

Keep In Mind Andy Rubin? Yeah, that very same individual who co-founded exactly what seems the most popular mobile OS of this day– Android. His business called Necessary established a mobile phone back in 2015 which debuted the notch.

So, yeah, unidentified to some– or lots of– the notch function, enjoy it or dislike it, is really an initial development by the business who co-established Android and something which Apple subsequently promoted with its launch of the iPhone X.


There’s no rejecting that Apple’s impact over the tech market is at play here, with it having the ability to promote a concept it did not initially develop. More so is this most likely real with the reports ringing including producers from the Android camp following the very same style with their approaching gadgets.

In case you have actually not heard, smart device business like ASUS, LG, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, and OnePlus are either reported or verified to have actually included this trending function with their approaching handsets. Just Samsung and Xiaomi are the only ones who are bucking from the pattern as seen with the releases of the Galaxy S9 and Mi Mix TWO.

Presently here are the smart devices with screen notches:

These are the supported gadgets at the time of composing, however it needs to likewise deal with upcoming Android smart devices with the notch.

Nevertheless, this function is undoubtedly not for everyone. While some might discover it rejuvenating as a brand-new addition to the Android os, others might discover it off-putting, specifically for those who were utilized with the “notch-less” style.


Understanding that as an issue, Zacharee1, a designer and online forum mediator at XDA established an app which looked for to attend to something: keep the notch away by concealing it by means of the so-called “Nacho Notch– Notch Hider.”


How the app really works is reasonably basic. In order to mask the notch, the app develops an overlay in comparable pigmentation to the notch which offers an impression that it was not there. All icons within the afflicted location, on the other hand, stay untouched and accentuated offered a contrasting color from the overlay background.

The algorithm behind the app is creative, too. When you change your phone to a various orientation, do not anticipate the overlay to stay where it remained in the initial setting, due to the fact that it adjusts as required.

Ways to conceal or get rid of the screen notch on Android

Action 1: Download the Nacho Notch Hider app on the Google Play Shop.


Action 2: Go to the fast settings, search for the ‘Conceal notch’ icon and include it to the list.


Action 3: Toggle the setting on and off to see if it works.


Action 4: Voila! You have actually effectively concealed the screen notch of your Android phone.


One significant benefit to utilizing this complimentary app is that the function can be toggled on and off as required and not something completely in location. This is specifically helpful if you have a love-and-hate relationship with the screen notch, so you can change it in between on or off at impulse.

That’s it. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to drop them in the remarks area listed below and we’ll happily assist you out.

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