How to add Charter Email to Android Phones

Charter doesn’t seem to be a fan of the Android devices. Maybe this isn’t intentional, but it seems like they have very little tech support for Android users. If you are having issues with your Charter email on your Android, here are some tips to help.

The Charter Mobile application in the Google Play Storehas nothing more than the settings you need to put into your Android email app. In most cases this works. However, from personal experience and what others have told me, their help doesn’t extend much farther than that.

Here are the settings you will want to enter into your Android email application:



One last thing. In some cases, if you are having trouble getting your Charter email on your desktop email application e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail (Apple)… shut off your Android phone. For some reason, Charter doesn’t like to let an Android and a desktop email app work at the same time.

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