How to Add a Theme to ADW Launcher


Android home screen launcher seem to cause people a little anxiety.  Most Android home screen launchers are different than what most people are accustomed to and they have a lot more features.  One of the coolest  features is adding themes. Some of the more popular Android home screen launchers have numerous themes to change the look and/or operation of the launcher. Here we will go over how to add a seem to ADW launcher

The first step is to actually download ADW launcher for Android.  Many people see a theme they like and download it, but cannot figure out why the theme does not work. if you click the link below or scan the QR code to download ADW launcher.

** Note: Keep in mind that this Android home screen launcher may not work on all devices or tablets.

Download ADW Launcher

Once you have ADW launcher installed and selected as your default launcher, press the menu button.


Some phones there may be a More option.

The menu item you looking for is ADW settings.

In ADW settings menu, you should see a tab for Theme Preferences; Press the tab.

In this tab you will see an option for select your theme.  By clicking on this option you will see all of this themes available to use. if not downloaded any themes yet, you can go to the Google Play Store and search for ADW themes. there are quite a few free themes and several paid options as well.

Once you have your theme selected, press Apply theme! to activate the new theme.

That’s all there is to adding a theme to ADW  Android home screen launcher.

Do you have a really cool theme I’m your phone?  Let us know in the comments so everyone can check it out. we will be talking about different themes in the coming weeks.  Make sure and stop back and check us out or add us to your RSS feed, Like Android Tips Tricks on Facebook, or Follow us on Twitter.


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