HD Widgets Review [Widget Wednesday]

The widget we are going to talk about in this week’s Android widget review, is HD Widgets. Many of the widgets available in the market are your geared towards specific application, or they have a specific function like clock or weather. What sets these different widgets apart is part is there features. You wouldn’t think that there’s a lot of features available in weather widget but there actually are several. Luckily, HD Widgets is more than just a weather widget.

Starting out, HD Widgets looks like a simple weather widget.  However, when you go to select the widget based on the size their different options for each size.  What I mean is if you were to select the 4 x 1 sized widget there are 11 options.  If you were to choose the 4 x 4 size widget there are only two options.  The reason for the additional options in certain sizes are because there’s not enough room to fit all the information into one widget; the larger widgets have obviously more space.  When choosing widget, the first number in the size is the width.  The second number is the height.  This will help you determine if you have room on the home screen, you need to create another one or delete application icons.

Some of the options available for widgets are:

  • a main header showing clock date and weather
  • standalone clock
  • clock and date
  • weather with three day or five day forecast
  • an application switcher to turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and other features
  • just a weather forecast
  • and others
The widgets are extremely customizable.  You can choose between different style clocks, different backgrounds, different clock backgrounds and even fonts and colors.  For the people who are indecisive or overly OCD and can’t make a decision, there’s a random button.  This will choose different fonts colors but keep the size and style of the widget.



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