Google Translate for Android

Google released an amazing application for Androids. Google translate gives you the ability to communicate with people who have a hard time understanding your language. Much like the web-based version, you can type in what you want to send to someone in English and Google Translate will automatically convert it to one of over 50 languages.

What I thought was cool about this app, it you can have the written text spoken to you. When you first install Google’s translation software for Android on your device, you will see a pop up window prompting you to download eSpeak for Android. This is a library of words when you want a message read back to you in another language.

Once you have your message typed and translated automatically, you have 2 choices for what to do with the message. You can enter Conversation Mode and have it spoke aloud. Or the other choice is to send it to someone.

When sending it, you have the option to send it to any number of installed applications. On my test phone, I can send it to Dropbox, Evernote, Mail, Messages, Gmail, Facebook, Hootsuite, Springpad and many others.

In Conversation Mode, you can have your Android phone speak the text you have typed out. There is a tab at the bottom to open the Voice Input speech box. The person you are trying to communicate with can speak into the mic. Their words till be translated to English.

If you are traveling and find yourself asking the same question over and over, you can look in the translation history and reuse the same question more than once without needing to type it each time. Star the really useful translations like you would a message in Gmail or Google Voice.

If you are running Froyo (2.2) or higher, Google Translate is app2sd compatible.

What other translation applications have you used while traveling?

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