Google docs now an app

For the Google addicted out there you are probably giddy with excitement over addition of the Google Docs app to the Android Market. I know I was.

Compared to using the mobile site, the Google Doc Android app is amazing. Using Google Docs, or any document editing program for that matter, isn’t always the easiest from your Android phone. It IS however a great leap in the right direction towards integrating your Google account with your Android phone.

What you can do:

  • Create, view and edit documents and spreadsheets
  • import the text from a picture using your Android phone camera
  • use voice to search for a document or text in a document
  • view presentations
  • add sharing to a document
  • star items
  • use multiple Google accounts for the email accounts attached to your device
  • search for images
  • easily upload files from your Android phone from apps like Dropbox
  • use the cloud print feature


What you can’t do:

  • edit presentations
  • add an item to a Collection
  • edit a Collection
  • add sharing to a Collection
  • download anything yo your Android phone
  • format the text (e.g. bold, headers, font changes…)

As you can see there are a lot of can dos and not too many can’t dos. While this is a first attempt at an application, i think Google did a great job giving us all the basic functionality we need to get us started.

How do you use Google Docs for Android?

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