Google didn’t precisely stimulate debate with its current statement of no Android P updates pertaining to the 2015- launched Nexus 5X, 6P and Pixel C. Sure, it was an unfortunate day for users of the last 2 Nexus phones who in some way handled to evade the bootloop afflict, however the regrettable news came as not a surprise, as the 5X and 6P, much like the Pixel C, ran Marshmallow out package.

That implies all 3 gadgets currently got 2 significant OS promos, which falls under typical practice. 2014’s Nexus Gamer constantly took pleasure in rather of a fortunate status amongst Google’s stock Android-powered devices, particularly after it ended up being clear no follow up was in the works.

Released on Lollipop, the 2016- ceased digital media gamer scored main Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo updates, that made some individuals hope it would never ever be deserted in regards to software application assistance.

Unfortunately, the unavoidable has actually taken place, and the dream is over, with not simply OS updates, however likewise security spots ended for the 4 year-old Android TELEVISION banner reliable right away. That undoubtedly does not indicate you have to stop utilizing the Nexus Gamer at the same time. Rather, you might wish to consider your long-lasting choices. If you demand sticking to the Android TELEVISION platform, the most recent Guard variation still has some life in it.

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