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GO SMS Pro is one of the coolest texting apps for Android. If you are the kind of person who uses a lot of stuff like emoticons and doodles, this is your app. Not only does GO SMS Pro let you add coolness to your text messages, there are also a lot of other handy features.

Save threads – GO SMS Pro lets you save your long texting conversations to your microSD card to help keep your Android phone working fast. If your

Chat without SMS charges – If you do not have an texting package on your cellphone plan, you can chat with other GO SMS Pro users for free.

Web Chat – Use your computer to text message people using GO Chat.

Pop up window – The option to have a pop-up window show an incoming text is really nice. If you don’t want the actuall message to show in the window, there is a privacy mode you can turn on. Privacy mode will also

Batch delete – Sometimes there is a need to delete several parts of a message or a lot of conversations at once. The batch feature within GO SMS Pro lets you do either.

Themes – adding different themes to your Android SMS app will change the look of the message window, text bubbles and sometimes the font. Some of the themes are holiday related while SMS app themes for GO SMS Pro are related to movies, made to look like other devices (e.g. iPhone) or just really cood designs.

These few features are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to GO SMS Pro. Try looking at different themes and see if you find something you like. If you are using the standard Android text messaging app, you are really missing out!

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