(Don’t) Text and Drive

Okay, I want to start by saying that texting while driving is not safe. I personally know people who have been in accidents while texting and driving. The title got you here though so I’ll show you a cool app with a car mode. The car mode lets you use voice commands to open various apps and input text into those apps. Yes one of them is the stock Android SMS app.  

Vlingo is one of the coolest applications for Android out there to let you use voice commands. While the stock Android voice to text app is pretty sweet, Vlingo adds a lot of voice activated features to your phone. When Vlingo is installed, you have a couple of ways to open and use it.

The first is through a widget. When adding a widget to your home screen, you will see a few options. The Control widget will let you turn on the Safe Reader and Car Mode along with accessing other parts of the app. The other choices are shortcuts to toggling Safe Reader on and off or different sizes.

The second is by long pressing the search button on the phone. Not all devices have this option though. Use this option if your home screen space is at a premium.

The third is to add an app shortcut to your home screen like you normally would. All of these options will essentially get you to the same place.

Car Mode

Using voice commands Car Mode will work through many newer Bluetooth headsets and other Bluetooth devices. You can vocally initiate calls, text messages, speak an address to navigate to or even open an application.

Another super handy part of the Vlingo’s car mode is SafeReader. When you receive an incoming text message, the sender’s name and the message will be read to you so you can keep your eyes and attention on the road.

 Download Vlingo Virtual Assistant

What app do you use to control your Android phone with your voice?

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