Beyond big canvasses, coffee mug prints and a huge myriad of other media, the terrific mind of artist Andrew Bell manifests itself every when in a while through unique minifigures of the Android mascot … an Android android … we think.

( By the method, if you have not seen Bell’s Android Foundry Development Administration prints, examine them out — they’re a strangely lovely take on wartime recruitment propaganda.)

If you’re a fan of an item and the signs that represent it, you simply may be thinking about getting a few of them as rack ornaments or table trimmings. And in the nick of time for Easter, we have a scandal sheet trio of Android minis commemorating “Sugary food Spring” from Bells’ Dead Zebra.

Yes, the total style, brimming with pastel colors, truly does press the appearance of that sugar-coated marshmallow sweet, Peeps. No, Google has yet to validate the main reward name for Android P.

If it wasn’t currently explained, each set consists of 3 gathered figures in magenta, yellow and violet colors sized at 9 square inches and a bit more than 3 inches high.

Since press time, prices is to be identified, however these products typically opt for in between $10 and $15 Package in a trine square or hexagonal represent a $3 overall discount rate. The figures are offered for pre-order from 11 am Eastern today to when supply is diminished and will deliver from March26 Limitation 4 sets per family.

Easter starts on April 1.

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