Dead Trigger Halloween Update

Are you gonna take your kids out begging for candy this year? Does it seem like every year there are a bunch of zombies out there going door to door? Well Dead Trigger came out with a Halloween update. The video below is a little creepy and will make you feel a little less worried about the old people in the neighborhood giving your an apple or raisins. They could get a talking severed zombie head. Continue reading

Instagram for Android is a Space Hog

OK people, the much anticipated Android version of Instagram is available! Now you don’t need to envy iphone users anymore. All the filters, all the sharing you could want.

Instagram is usable on Android devices running 2.2 or higher. Keep in mind Instagram is a pretty big application 16+mb and right now is not movable to the SD card or media space of your phone. So all of you with low space warnings on your older devices may be a little pissed off.

Here is a quick screen grab to wet your palate.

Instagram for Android
Instagram for Android

There are some really cool features and sharing options once you create an account. When you download and try out Instagram, stop back here and leave a comment to let us know how you like it. If you want to, you can leave your username so we can look you up and keep tabs on your photography too.

Download Instagram for Android


Now Google Is Discounting Holiday Music

If you didn’t hear, there was a 10 day period where Google is heavily discounting application in their Android Market. This was to thank all of us for downloading over 10 billion apps. They are doing a similar promotion for the holidays… 25 cent songs.

While these songs are very holiday oriented and not by too many modern artists, they are still worth paying 25 cents for. There are some really great classics from Frank Sinatra and Dean Martian and others.

Take a look and see if there is anything you wanna buy. I found a few.

Adobe AIR Apps and Games for Android on the Way

Adobe Air applications offer a lot of benefits to the desktop user. Applications such as Tweetdeck run on the Adobe Air platform. Typically these desktop applications are very smooth running and feature rich.

How would you feel about having Adobe Air applications for Android devices? Well, you will be getting your wish. The question though is when. I saw an article a few months ago on AndroidGuys talking about Air apps. To me, having these Adobe Air applications would be great for the Android devices. The problem I can foresee is trying to use an app with a slower processor.

If the Air apps are a resource hog, people and developers will have a bad taste in their mouth from the start. Currently the only application in the Adobe Air gallery slated to run on the Android platform is one for BlogRadio.

What are the applications you use on your desktop machine you would like to see as an Adobe Air app?

Google Shopper App Updated

Today Google announced the update to the Google Shopper app for Android phones. If you are not using Google Shopper already, it offers a barcode scanning application which shows local availability. You can also search via voice.
The upgrade offers a major helper for mobile searching, Filters. The filters allow you to, well, filter products by a specific brand or at a specific store.
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