Stupid Zombies 2 Review [Android App]

Stupid Zombies 2 LogoWith Halloween right just about to happen, it may seem like even more zombie games for Android are being released. Stupid Zombies 2 for Android is a fun zombie game that’s not quite a physics based game and it’s not quite a puzzle game. What I mean is, the zombies are just standing there (in the beginning). To shoot zombies use walls to ricochet of bullets to reach zombies. Continue reading

Bubble Live Wallpaper [Android Live Wallpaper]

Bubble Live WallpaperBubble Live Wallpaper is the Android Live Wallpaper equivalent of moving bubble wrap. You can change the background to have the bubbles floating behind all of your Android app icons. If you are a little bored, you can pop the bubbles. I know as a kid you were amazed with and played with the soap bubbles you got from the store or made for yourself with dish soap. Bubble Live Wallpaper is kinda the same thing as the background of your Android. Continue reading

Radar Now! for Android Review

Radar Now! for Android Review

Anyone who steps outdoors during the day is affected by the weather. Sure a nice sunny day is the type of day we all hope for when we wake up, but as I look out the window today, I can assure you they are not all pleasant.  When a storm is a brewin’, its good to have access to a weather radar to see if you should prepare. Radar Now! for Android is just the app for you to see what’s comin’ at ya. Continue reading

Sunrise Live Wallpaper [Android Live Wallpaper]

Sunrise Live Wallpaper for AndroidOne of the most awe inspiring things in nature is a beautiful sunrise. The way the rays of sunlight reflect off of the water droplets and other objects. If you have never seen a sunrise, I highly recommend it. Anyway, today’s review is on a live wallpaper. The Sunrise Live Wallpaper for Android is the free version. There is also a paid option. Continue reading

HD Widgets Review [Widget Wednesday]

The widget we are going to talk about in this week’s Android widget review, is HD Widgets. Many of the widgets available in the market are your geared towards specific application, or they have a specific function like clock or weather. What sets these different widgets apart is part is there features. You wouldn’t think that there’s a lot of features available in weather widget but there actually are several. Luckily, HD Widgets is more than just a weather widget. Continue reading

Widget Wednesday

Last week you may have noticed that we started a new section on Thursdays talking about themes for entry devices. Widget Wednesday will be the same type of article, just talking about different widgets. I think the widget on Android device is one of the most underutilized functions. Many people don’t even know how to add a widget to their screen they just think it’s a cool looking clock or a music player shortcut.

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Poynt for Android Makes Local Search Fun

Poynt for Android is the perfect application for people who hate to sit at home. Technically, Poynt for Android is a local search utility but I like to think of it more as a fun engine.

The way to use Poynt for Android  is just head out for the evening and then let the app lead you.  What I mean is you can choose anything from a place to have dinner, find an event or check movie times. Poynt for Android  is a central search when you are out and about and looking for something fun to do. Poynt  is a great app for people who travel quite a bit  or just like to explore their hometown.


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Android Theme Thursday September 20


This week for the Android theme review, we will be talking about the ADW Sticker Album Theme. The most notable part of the theme is the change in the  icons. This is a very fun theme and has a playful feel to it.

Some people aren’t sure how to add a theme to ADW launcher, please refer to this article:

How to add a theme to ADW launcher


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How to Add a Theme to ADW Launcher


Android home screen launcher seem to cause people a little anxiety.  Most Android home screen launchers are different than what most people are accustomed to and they have a lot more features.  One of the coolest  features is adding themes. Some of the more popular Android home screen launchers have numerous themes to change the look and/or operation of the launcher. Here we will go over how to add a seem to ADW launcherContinue reading